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Cemil's Guest House one warm and cute pension situated in a heavenly county of Antalya. You are welcome to Cemil's Guest House which is ideal for people who are looking for smiley faces, long-lasting friendships, the comfort of one’s own home, and an unforgettable and peaceful holiday. Our guest usually consist of people who have been here before or came on reference.

Cemil's Guest House is one of the oldest pensions located in Çıralı which is a lovely town 80 kms away from Antalya. The Beach of Çıralı is 4 km long and 50-100 metres wide.

Mount Chimaera was the name of a place in ancient Lycia, notable for constantly burning fires. It is thought to be the area called Yanartaş in Turkey, where methane and other gases emerge from the rock and burn. Some ancient sources considered it to be the origin of the myth of the monster called the Chimera, because of similarities...

Always Smiling Faces!

Imagine a curving shingle beach, home to loggerhead turtles in summer, backed by citrus groves and framed by limestone spurs.
Behind, wooded mountains rise to Mount Olympos. This is Cirali.


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Cemil's Guest House